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Bond Loans: The Complete Guide

  In this article we will explain what bond loans are and how they work, which represent a form of self-financing for spas, ie public limited companies. In the next paragraphs, therefore, we will see in detail what are the obligations , who they turn to, who can use them, what are their advantages, their guarantees and their risks.   What are the bonds? Joint-stock companies have various ways to find funds: one of them is made up of bond loans , a type of medium or long-term loan, which allows the issue of debt securities or bonds . These securities are then put

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With a branch in five different countries, Gandalf is a credit provider on the rise. In the Netherlands, this lender has a head office in Amsterdam. The general headquarters of Gandalf is located in Berlin. However, many of the services are offered online to consumers. In addition to the service offered by Gandalf Dutch consumers, this lender is also active in England, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. It is striking that this company was only founded in 2014. A Dutchman was also involved in the establishment of this company. Unlike many other lenders, Gandalf does not tar